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We can help!
Home Mission Fund

The goal of the Home Mission Fund is to help with eviction prevention or utilities.

Call for an appointment!! (608) 257-2534 ext.37

Contact: Tashell Jackson

Home Mission Fund Eligibility Guidelines:

Preference is given to those who have never received assistance from the fund. Preference is also given to those who have experience a sudden and temporary loss of income, which caused the household to fall behind. Examples include loss of employment due to a lay off, medical expenses, illness/injury, or death in the family.

If a household owes more than the amount the fund is able to assist with, there must be a plan in place with the landlord/utility provider as to where the rest of the funds are coming from. Any payment plans/arrangements are verified with the third party prior to release of funds.

In addition, households requesting assistance with a utility bill must have a good payment history. For example, if a household has not paid their electric bill during the moratorium months (winter) and requests assistance with preventing disconnection in April, a minimum of three consecutive payments as part of a plan with the utility provider must be made prior to the release of funds.


1) Household must have sufficient income to pay rent/utilities.

2) Household must have a 5-day notice or utility bill.

3) Assistance is provided for rent or utilities once every twelve months, but again, preference is given to first time fund users.

4) Average grant is up to $300.

The Home Mission Fund does NOT assist with the following: motel/hotel, camping fees, pet related expenses, cable bill, phone bill, credit/loan payments, food, diapers, furniture, clothing, prescriptions, medical bills, car or other insurance, etc.