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In 2011 the Food Pantry served close to 565 families per month, with over half of the food distributed going to children. The Sun Prairie Food Pantry is one of the largest and most active in Dane County.

  • In 2011, the Food Pantry served families 6,876 times
  • Distributed approximately 500,000 pounds of food
  • The average amount of food given to each family was about 59 pounds a visit
The groceries provided usually include a variety of canned vegetables and fruits, pasta, beans, rice and/or grain products. The protein items may include canned salmon, tuna, peanut butter and occasionally chicken or meat. The food assistance is intended to be a supplement. Supplies and amounts vary; typically the foods will provide groceries for a period of 3-5 days.
In addition to groceries provided, other supplies may be available dependent upon availability. These could include baby supplies, personal care products and laundry detergent.

There are two ways to donate food to the Emergency Food Pantry:

 1.  Donate Money

     With monetary donations, we purchase food items in bulk from organizations that support the pantry.  You dollar goes extra far since our sources also buy in bulk.  Please click on our Web site below for the address for donations.

 2.  Donate Food items

     By dropping off food at the Pantry or by participating in a food drive, your actions speak volumes to the goodness of neighbors, helping neighbors.  Please see our Web site below to see the list of items we need most frequently.

More Information on the Sun Prairie Emergency Food Pantry at their website.

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18 Rickel Road
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Phone: 608-825-3875


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